Laboratory of femtosecond spectroscopy


Mgr. Ignác Bugár, PhD.

Scope of the Laboratory:

Time-resolved spectroscopy with femtosecond resolution of nanodimensional structures in the visible spectral range, ultrafast nonlinear optics and optics of microstructured fibers (PCF), pulse shaping and diagnostics of ultrashort laser pulses, terahertz spectroscopy.

Research activities :

Laboratory is active in two dominant research directions: spectroscopy and nonlinear optics, belonging to the wider topics of the interaction of ultrashort laser pulses with the matter. Within the frames of the time-resolved spectroscopy we study nonodimensional confinement of electrons, which is responsible for the spectral changes of clusters and molecules in the visible range. Femtosecond time-resolved spectral registration provides information about the electron dynamics reflecting many processes at atomic level. Nonlinear interaction, which is relatively easy accessible by femtosecond pulses, brings additional extension of electron study and associated material processes. We are working predominantly with microstructured fibers in the frame of this direction, which approach enhances nonlinear interaction by capturing the femtosecond pulses in the fiber core for long optical paths. Based on the fiber nonlinearities is possible to reach effective spectral transformations with high application potential in laser and information technologies and also in spectroscopy.

Selected Applications:

  • Fluorescence studies of host-guest molecular complexes
  • Fluorescence studies of conductive polymers
  • Spectral transformations of femtosecond pulses in nonconventional microstructured fibers
  • Pump-probe spectroscopy of metal nanoparticles
  • Terahertz spectroscopy of dielectrics