Organizational structure

Top Management:

Director: Prof. Ing. František Uherek, PhD.
Deputy Director: RNDr. Dušan Chorvát, PhD.
Department of Laser Technology: RNDr. Milan Držík, PhD.
Department of Biophotonics: Doc. Alžbeta Marček Chorvátová, PhD.
Economic Department: Ing. E. Navrátilová 

I. Department of laser technology

Department’s focus to research and application of intensive laser radiation in technology, material analysis with special focus to chemical composition of materials, diagnostics of materials and micro-/nano- scale parts, testing of mechanical and temperature properties of materials for microelectronics, ultrafast spectroscopy and nonlinear optics in VIS-NIR and THz regions, transmission, processing and storage of information using optical methods, characterization of optoelectronics components.


  • I.1 Laboratory of information technology
  • I.2 Laboratory of laser microtechnology
  • I.3 Laboratory of secondary ion mass-spectrometry
  • I.4 Laboratory of applied optics
  • I.5 Laboratory of material and surface analysis
  • I.6 Laboratory of femtosecond spectroscopy

II. Department of Biophotonics

Department focus is research, development and application of new experimental methods of biophotonics and laser technology in life sciences, namely biophysics, biochemistry, medicine, biology, pharmacology and biomedical physics. Selected areas of the department are study of polymer complexes and their interaction with isolated cells, study of spectrally and time-resolved fluorescence of endogenous fluorophores in living cells, study of mechanisms of development and pharmacological treatment of experimental hypertrophy of heart left chamber, study of anti-cancer effect of natural photosensibilisers on molecular and cellular level, clinical application of photodynamic therapy and tumor diagnostics, development and implementation of algorithms for processing and visualisation of multidimensional biomedical data.


  • II.1. Laboratory of laser microscopy and spectroscopy
  • II.2. Laboratory of cell biophotonics
  • II.3. Laboratory of imaging and visualization

III. External labs, based on the Cooperation agreement

  • III.1    Laboratory of applied biophysics FNS UPJŠ in Košice
  • III.2    Laboratory of biophotonic technologies, Faculty of natural science, UCM Trnava
  • III.3    Department of laser medicine, OUSA Bratislava

IV.Economic Department

  • IV.1.    Secretariate
  • IV.2.    Payroll and human resources management
  • IV.3.    Accounting and project management
  • IV.4.    Information centre
  • IV.5.    Technical support