Laboratory of imaging and visualization


RNDr. Anton Mateašik, PhD.

Scope of the Laboratory:

Modeling, simulation and visualization of complex structures and interactions in living species on cellular and tissue level; application of high performance computing system for processing and analysis of experimental microscopic and spectral data with special interest on confocal microscopy techniques with spectral resolution and spectrally resolved lifetime techniques; 3D laser scanning and laser stereo-lithography.

Research activities and Selected Applications:

  • Processing and reconstruction of large microscopy data sets (FFT, 3D deconvolution, modeling and analysis of spectrally and time resolved data
  • Visualization of microscopic data (volume rendering, image based modeling, segmentation and classification, context and focus techniques)
  • Cellular dynamics simulation based on dissipative particle dynamics
  • Numerical methods in bioinformatics
  • Heart modeling –study of activation and repolarization of the left heart ventricle in the context of cardiac pathology
  • The workplace for rapid prototyping and reverse engineering aimed to create virtual 3D models of real structures and to generate tangible stereo-lithography models of the 3D computer models. The main activities of this workplace are in the field of 3D image processing for applications in biomedicine and documentation of culture, historical and architectonical remains.