Laboratory of applied optics


RNDr. Milan Držík, CSc.

Scope of the Laboratory:

Development and application of advanced optical/laser based methods for mechanical and thermomechanical characterization of micro/nano structures and optical nanometrology.

Research activities:

  • Characterization of nanostructures and topography of surfaces by optical means – flatness of surfaces, thin layer surface nanoparticles distribution, surface micro/nano-texture measurement by scanning and integral optical methods, diffraction based diagnostics of the periodical micro/nano-structures ;
  • Detection of surface microstructure changes and defects identification by analysis of speckle field decorrelation and by observation of surface acoustic wave damping inside thin films;
  • Mechanical/thermal properties testing and characterization of microelectronics materials, determination of residual stress inside multilayer systems, identification of intrinsic and thermal stresses;
    Diagnostic and measurement of fundamental material parameters of thin films and evaluation of MEMS parameters;
  • Using of optical methods based on coherent imaging and phase visualization with opto-electronic detection in the field of nanotechnologies, nanoparticle systems behavior, investigation of thermal and diffuse processes.

Selected applications:

  • Development of autocollimation and phase visualization optical methods, confocal measurement system.
  • Realization of holographic/speckle interferometry setups, microinterferometry of MEMS.
  • Development of the photodeflectometry setup: Laser exitation: Nd:YAG 1.06 nm/ 200 mW, Laser probe: He-Ne LGN-303, Detector: photodiode FD-19, Lock-in amplifier, Chopper, Oscilloscope, CCD camera, adjustment equipment.
  • Development of thin film ultrasonics with contactless laser pulse excitation/probing: at least 1 mJ energy Nd:YAG laser 1064 nm frequency of surface acoustic wave (SAW) up to 1 GHz.