Laboratory of information technology


Ing. Jozef Chovan, PhD.

Scope of the Laboratory:

Research and development of systems for all-optical transmission, signal processing, detection and recording of information; characterization of photonics and optoelectronic circuits and devices.

Research activities:

  • Modeling, design and characterization of subsystems for optical code division multiple access systems, characterization of linear properties of photonic and optoelectronic devices and components for optical communications systems with ultra transmission speed in TBit/s range.
  • Design and characterization of all-optical communication systems based on photonic integrated circuits. Research and application of non-linear and ultrafast signal processing for information technology.
  • Characterization and analysis of telecommunication optical fiber parameters and investigation of new class of data transmission security.

Selected applications:

  • Characterization of semiconductor lasers: LI characteristics and their temperature dependence; the spectral characteristics with high-resolution and temperature dependence; measurements of near and far field.
  • Design and characterization of photonic components for ultra-fast all-optical signal processing, numerical simulation of data transmission in optical code multiplex.
  • Characterization of the transmission parameters of telecommunications optical fiber (attenuation, chromatic dispersion, polarization dispersion), fusing telecommunication optical fibers.
  • Characterization of WDM active and passive components: Testing of optical amplifiers and optical sources (DFB lasers; Fabry-Perot lasers, LED)
  • Testing of passive optical devices for DWDM and CWDM systems