Laboratory of laser microscopy and spectroscopy


RNDr. Dušan Chorvát, PhD.

Scope ot the Laboratory:

Research and develompent of the techniquues of laser microscopy and spectroscopy in biomedicine and nanosciences, nonlinear multi-photon and classical confocal microscopy, time-resolved fluorescence imaging, scanning-probe microscopy.

Research activities:

Research and develompent of experimental approaches for analysis, interpretation and modelling of subcellular and cellular structures and processes, based on multi-modal and multi-parametric optical microcsopy and digital 2D|3D image analysis. Fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging (macro/micro), study of polymer complexes and their interaction with cells and tissues

Selected Applications:

  • Fluorescence diagnostics of cells and tissues in physiological conditions and during pharmacological treatment (such as photodynamic therapy etc.)
  • Development of biosensors, encapsulation of biologically active molecules and nanoscale substances using defined polymer membranes for biotechnology and biomedicine.
  • Pulsed laser polymerization and study of complex physical systems using optical methods