Laboratory of secondary ion mass-spectrometry


doc. RNDr. Dušan Velič PhD.

Scope of the Laboratory:

Chemical analysis of a whole spectrum of solid materials with a focus on surface information with high sensitivity and spatial resolution.

Research activities:

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry – SIMS is a method for the analysis of various material surface chemical compositions. The principle of operation is based on a bombardment of material surface by using primary ions with high energy and followed by a detection of secondary ions ejected from the surface. All elements and isotopes of the periodic table are detectable, as well as large and complex molecules. The analysis is not limited by origin or type of material, which could be literally „anything“ – inorganic, organic, or biological. Results in a form of mass spectra are providing qualitative chemical information about the sample surface composition. Scanning of the primary ions along the surface allows to measure also two dimensional distributions of selected atoms or molecules. Another capability of SIMS analysis is a depth profile, which provides information about composition in the sample body and in this way creates a complete three dimensional chemical image of the sample. SIMS parameters are unique, characterized by high sensitivity, broad mass spectral range, high spectral resolution combined with high spatial resolution, along with parallel detection of all masses. Currently femtosecond laser postionization is being developed to increase SIMS detection limit of atoms and molecules.

Selected applications:

  • Research on semiconductors, biological tissues, cells, polymers and supramolecular films.