Laboratory of laser microtechnology

Laboratory Staff

Jaroslav Bruncko, Miroslav Michalka

Our mission

Application of intense laser radiation as a technological tool in micro- dimensions: surface treatment by pulsed and continuous laser radiation, laser micro machining of materials, pulsed laser deposition of thin layers, diagnostics of laser technology processes.

  • Pulsed laser deposition of thin films and nano-patterned surfaces
  • Laser micro-treatment of materials: surface marking, drilling with attention on new, hard or materials not-treatable by classical technologies (ceramics, sapphire, diamonds, etc.)
  • Laser micro-welding of thin sheets, repairing of fine damaged parts
  • Monitoring and analysis of laser based technological processes, interactions of laser irradiation with materials and related secondary effects

Laboratory equipments


  • Publications of the Laboratory
  • Scientific projects carried in the Laboratory (as a leader of the project)
  • Scientific projects where the Laboratory was a participant
  • Diploma thesis, educational outcomes
  • Some interesting examples of outcomes

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(The picture taken during experimental ablation of a sandstone sample by application of the excimer laser)